This page is a curation of UI/UX projects specifically for the
UI Artist / Generalist role at Roboto Games

Supersonic Rhyme Chamber

Supersonic Rhyme Chamber is a VR rap & rhythm game I have been working on as my Oculus Launch Pad project since September 2020. The idea started as an experiment for a unique interaction system, but has since evolved during the past few months of prototyping and iteration.

Here are a few examples of some sketches I made when exploring different concepts for the project. The images include some wireframes, UI drafts, and storyboards.

Below is a video taken from an Adobe XD prototype where I wanted to show how the player would interact with different buttons/options, as well as a demo of us using hand tracking for our “follow the flow” mechanic.


Alma is a 2D interactive story about a nurse learning to balance their work and home life, while not forgetting to take care of their own needs. As the UI Designer on the project, I was tasked with experimenting with different ways to represent dialogue interactions, text containers and menus.

Below are a few examples of some sketches, UI drafts, a video of incoming notifications animations I made using Keynote, and a 3D tilting menu I prototyped in Unity.


Indigestible is a 2D platformer about a piece of corn named Cornelius that travels through different digestive systems. This was a game jam project where I designed some corn-themed UI assets. Some of the assets I made include: a rotating piece of corn for the main menu, a pause menu where the main character becomes the menu, and carousel menu for the world selection. I started out by sketching my ideas, then design assets in either Affinity Designer (vector) or Photoshop (raster), and then work on making some prototypes in either Adobe XD or Unity. 

Pokémon Strikers

Pokémon Strikers is a personal project where I am creating soccer themed UI assets. As a big fan of Super Mario Strikers and Pokémon, I wanted to imagine what a Pokémon soccer game could look like. After sketching out a basic user flow, I created a character select screen by downloading some external Pokémon assets and creating an interactive prototype in Adobe XD. After the character select screen, I created a logo for the game and made a quick intro sequence in After Effects.

Misc. Graphic Design