Why did the chicken cross the road?

Role: Artist & Designer

Why did the chicken cross the road? is a short 5 minute poem / game  that explores subverting the player’s expectations by presenting them with a well-known joke, while at the same time weaving a deeper meaning as they play.


Role: Artist & Designer

Indigestible is a 2D platformer game about a corn kernel (named Cornelius) who’s trying to make their way through different digestive systems.

Juanito el Nahualito

Role: UI/UX Designer

Juanito el Nahualito is a 3D puzzle-adventure game about a teenage boy who is in search of his grandfather, and on the way learns about his ancestral roots.


Role: UI Designer

Chimera is a turn-based RPG where you battle a three-headed creature that not only damages you physically but can also alter your mental state by saying specific things or performing certain actions.